365 Teacher Secrets...

... is a reference book for parents of elementary children who are looking for ways to work with and help their child succeed in school.  Written by teachers who are parents themselves and experts in the field, this book includes 365 of the best ideas and activities to remediate and/or enrich a child’s education while also having fun.  It covers all major areas of the curriculum (such as reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and spelling) as well as other important areas (such as creating good habits, school year success, critical thinking, and self-esteem/ self-reliance).  It is written in a friendly style and every idea/activity is aimed at making learning together fun.


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If you are looking for ways to help your child do well in elementary school, this book will show you how you can help your child improve not only his academics, but also his attitude toward school this year and for years to come. 365 Teacher Secrets is jam-packed with fun ways to work with and help your child. No longer does school have to be tough. Who says practicing things at home can’t be fun? From now on, helping your child doesn’t have to be confusing.

The authors wrote this book after years of teaching elementary school and many more years working closely with individual elementary-aged children. They spent over ten years collecting 365 of the very best ideas, the most helpful activities, and, yes, some secrets teachers have been using successfully for years, to help remediate and/ or enrich young children, so that they could share them with you.

Some of the ideas in this book cover the major subjects in school: reading, writing, math, spelling, science, and social studies. They also have ideas for getting started, developing critical thinking skills, increasing self-esteem and self-reliance, and creating school-year success.

The elementary school years are so very, very important. They set the tone for your child’s entire school career and beyond. Too many struggles early on can turn kids off to learning, damage self-confidence, and make it difficult to ever catch up. On the other hand, a great, successful experience can help children develop a love of learning and help them do well for all of their schooling years.

So, how can you be sure your child’s experience is a good one? Start by creating good habits at home, knowing what is going on in his classroom, keeping up on his progress, and practicing anything that needs work.

Inside 365 Teacher Secrets are ways to do all of that!

HOW TO USE 365 Teacher Secrets: Rather than offer you lengthy chapters that you have to search through to find the “good stuff”, the authors created this book in a more busy-parent- friendly way by offering you one simple idea or activity per day. (If needed, there are also variations so you can tailor the activity to meet your child’s specific needs.) The hope is that one idea per day will be easy to stick with, and that- one year from now- you will have learned many important ways to work with your child and to help make learning fun.

Chapters 1 and 2 get you started with small ways to get off on the right track both at home and at school. Chapters 3-10 each focus on one area of the elementary school curriculum. The last 2 chapters focus on critical thinking, and self-esteem/ self-reliance.

The ideas in this book are not cumulative. In other words, you do not have to read every previous idea in order to understand a later one. If something is referenced that had been discussed at length in an earlier chapter, the book will refer you to where you can look to find out more.

  • One way to use this book would be simply to begin at the beginning, with Chapter 1, idea # 1. Just commit to one brief idea/ activity per day. Maybe your whole family can read it together. Maybe just you and your child. Either way, if the idea seems to fit what your child needs, give it a try. If it doesn’t seem applicable to your child at this time, skip it. You can always come back to it later.
  • Another way to use this book would be to jump right to a particular chapter if your child is having trouble in one or more areas. You can browse the whole chapter for ideas you want to try or go one day at a time there as well. (Note: Chapter 1 is full of ways to help get ready and organized at home, so it may be a good idea to read it early on, even if you are skipping around.)
  • Of course, you can also do both. Begin with idea # 1, but also jump ahead to a chapter if your child needs help in a particular subject.
  • When the year is over, and you have read all 365 ideas, you do not have to stop there. Going through the book again another year can help refresh your memory and remind you of things you may have passed over the first time. If you have more than one child, reviewing the ideas one day at a time again may make you see things in a new light; what might not have seemed a good fit for one child may be perfect for another!

Whether your child is behind and needs some extra help, or is right on target, this book will offer you and your family one fun, helpful, easy idea each day for a year. Whether she is just beginning elementary school and needs to get off to a good start, or is in middle or upper elementary, there is something for everyone.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. By purchasing 365 Teacher Secrets you will take one important step toward helping him improve. Hopefully, you will enjoy all of the ideas, activities and expert secrets inside its cover. Soon you may realize that these ideas really aren't so secretive after all - They just make sense when you become aware of them. This book is a great way to learn, grow, and have fun together!