"Parents always ask how to best help their child be successful in school and life. The book 365 Teacher Secrets includes not only a wealth of information but also helpful tips that benefit all types of children. McKinley and Trombly's parent friendly format certainly makes the secrets a doable lesson plan for all parents."

Dr. Nancy Coratti
Deputy Superintendent
Huron Valley Schools

"All children need adults in their lives to support them as they learn and grow. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or advocate of a special child, this fun, practical book has suggestions to help you support a child's learning.

These are the types of activities that parents wish they had at their fingertips, and teachers wish they had the time to explain to families.

This book covers not only core subjects such as science, math, reading and writing, but also covers questioning strategies, thinking strategies as well as ideas to provide your child feedback in a positive way.

Every family can benefit from the simple, fun strategies that are located in this one reference tool.

Although the book is for adults, the real winners will be the children."

Beth Feiten, Ed.D
Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School
West Bloomfield, MI