workbook cover

Of course you will find 365 terrific ideas inside 365 Teacher Secrets. However, in addition, the authors have also created a workbook to accompany it. It is on this website; you can download original worksheets created to help you organize and provide extra practice for over 100 of the book’s ideas and activities.

The workbook is full of…

  • Organizers for games
  • Detailed explanations of concepts mentioned
  • Creative pages on which to compose ideas, plans, etc.
  • Poetry frames
  • Writing organizers
  • Explanations and how-to’s of reading, writing, and math concepts
  • Book lists
  • Word lists
  • Science experiments
  • Extra practice for difficult concepts
  • Puzzles…
  • …and more!

Although all of the activities in the book stand alone, and the pages in the workbook are not mandatory, they do a lot of the work for you and are very helpful.

Click here for a preview